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Beth began tuning into the spiritual world at a young age in Winston Salem, NC, meeting her guardian angel at the age of 12. As an empath and an intuitive, she is a gifted clairsentient and claircognizant healer. She received her Reiki I and II attunements in 2016 and Reiki III in 2017and Reiki IV Master Teacher in 2019. 


Beth is a graduate of Appalachian State with a BA in English and also of University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Master's degree in Education. She has spent the last decade studying early childhood and working in the public school system as a coach. 

Beth is a writer, coach, and spiritual mentor. She believes the work of the healer is to guide the client to their own inner light and to a spiritual guidance of their own understanding. She is here to hold space for you as you find your own balance. Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves. 


SPIRIT BALANCE healing sessions are informed by Beth's multidisciplinary interests in healing. All sessions are performed to facilitate deep healing and will include aspects of aromatherapy, mantras, crystal healing, Reiki, sound healing, intuitive messaging, and aura reading and cleansing. After each session, clients will be encouraged to process their healing through journaling or conversation. 

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