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10 Healing Heart Affirmations

We are all drawn to reading short inspirational quotes. Below are 10 healing heart affirmations to work into your meditations, night time prayers, or morning mantras.

There are many ways to use mantras or little writings. Write them down and tuck them in your pocket. Display them somewhere you can see them easily- like on a post-it note on the mirror, in the dash of your car, or on the corner of your computer. To deepen your awareness of the words, take three deep breaths, moving the diaphragm and belly, place both hands directly over the middle of your chest and read the mantra aloud (or in your head).

My magic is deep and bright, like a sun held under the open sea.
I am creation. I hold the universe within me.
I bring luminosity to my life's situation.
I live with my memories and heal them with each breath.
I sit in grace and allow love to flow through me.
When I feel angry, I know that I am safe.
There is safety in vulnerability. There is safety in mistakes.
Every conflict I face allows me the opportunity to heal my inner child.
I hold this space for recovery of the heart.
Hold my judgment in gentle neutrality to ask, which part of me needs more love and acceptance right now?

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