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5 Healing Stones to Carry Daily

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Polished stones are known for their great traveling ability. Their round and smooth shape provide us with a subtle healing energy, as opposed to the sharp and focused energy of raw rocks. Tuck them in the pockets of jackets, jeans, and your daily tote so you can reach for them easily throughout the day.

Rose Quartz Heart Palm Stone

Polished rose quartz makes a wonderful pocket companion to increase your vibrations of love and joy. Choose rose quartz in a heart shape to further visualize universal love.


Hematite is a silver, gray stone and the oldest known iron oxide mineral that was formed on Earth. Its ancient healing powers physically ground you to our Mother planet. If comfortable, keep the stone in your shoe during the day, ideally right against your ankle (this spot relates to organs located in the root chakra). If the shoe method is not available for you, keep hematite someplace close to the root charka, like the pocket of your pants (and if you're daring, in your underwear!).

Clockwise from top left: smoky quartz. howlite, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, and hematite

Smoky Quartz

A smooth smoky quartz is a powerful protector, its carrier can be shielded from emotional and environmental stress. Utilize the shoe method or simply keep this stone in your pocket to hold in your hand when you need to draw on ancient strength. Smoky quartz draws down the white light from your crown chakra (head) all throughout your body.


An underrated healer, howlite is the ultimate soother. It's cool touch and pleasing patterns bring its carrier great feelings of calm and serenity. Find a howlite necklace so the stone can stay in contact with your skin the entire day.

Lapis Lazuli

Honor your wisdom with this celestial blue stone. When you want to feel the royal power of your full self, carry this stone with you. It is especially useful for presentations, speeches, or any instance where you will be using your voice to speak your truth.

Buying Tips

To purchase your stones, visit a local shop so you can handle their energies personally. Pick a stone which melts in your hand or causes gentle buzzing sensations. When you buy online, visit Etsy as many shops are individually owned. Set your intention as you shop so your stones will show themselves to you. Likewise, if you are unsure of your energy many shop owners will pick stones for you based on what you are working on. Drop them a personal message and ask for their assistance.

I am also happy to put together some healing stone sets for you and bless them with reiki energy. Drop me a line at and we will connect.

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