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Animal Medicine Reading

Animal Medicine Reading


Sometimes you need some guidance from your animal guides.


Your Animal Guides are an extension of Spirit and Love, they willing come to serve when called upon. If you are called to receive messages from your animal guides for the year or for a particular situation, book a virtual reading. 

Readings are sent virtually to your inbox and will include messages from your chosen Animal Guide and recommendations for rituals with essential oils. 


When checking out, please provide your full name and email address in the notes section provided. Provide a question if you feel called. 


Finding your Spirit Animal is a deeply sacred experience and should only be performed with someone well versed in this task. Animal Medicine Readings are not Spirit Animal assignments, instead they are divined using my own rituals to recieve messages from your animal guides for the present moment or year. Perhaps an you continue to see the same Hawk on your morning walks or thrice see an interesting animal that's not normal for you to see, this is the Spirit World talking to you and they have many messages to be revealed. 

  • Artwork

    These bright stars are the work of Jody Erickson. Visit her website for orginals and prints. 

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