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Digital SPIRIT BALANCE healing sessions are highly collaborative. Beginning and ending with conversation and interpretation. You will spend 30-45 minutes in a quiet space in your home receiving reiki, aura clearing, sound healing, a guided breathing sequence followed by an intuitive card reading. Clients may receive intuitive messages from their spirit guides or animal guides. 


During the call, stones or other healing tools may be suggested for further practice. The session will end with Spiritual Homework to continue your practice in balancing yourself. Profound healing can happen on the cosmic plane together. Clients report feeling lifted and lighter after a session. 


You are the facilitator of your own harmony. 


60 minutes + detailed email including intuitve card pull, messages and suggestions for healing rituals. This service includes an Intuitive Message Reading delivered to your inbox. 


When checking out, please provide your full name and email address in the notes section provided. I will reach out to you via email with available appointments. 

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