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SPIRIT BALANCE is a healing modality created by Beth which are 1:1 intuitive healing treatments informed by her interests in interdisciplinary practices including meditation, Spirit Animal Guides, neuroscience, journaling, intuitive messaging, goal setting, Emotional Freedom Technique, mantras, Reiki healing, crystal therapy, and affirmation work. Each session begins with a conversation about your intention for healing and balance in your own life.  SPIRIT BALANCE healing sessions are highly collaborative.During this unique experience, clients will receive guidance on how to facilitate their own healing so they can support their own Spiritual and Personal Growth. Beth is here to hold a gentle space for you as you explore your own inner light and as you form Spiritual Guidance of your own understanding. 


As a medium, Beth also looks into your Aura colors receiving messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and ancestral guidance. SPIRIT BALANCE is designed to empower the client as each session will end with Spiritual Homework to continue your practice in balancing yourself.


SPIRIT BALANCE sessions can be a reflection for the client so that they may see more clearly. Each session is bespoke.


You are the facilitator of your own harmony. 

$125/ 1hr digital

Book a virtual session by visiting my shop. 

Animal Medicine Reading 

Sometimes you need some guidance from your animal guides. Your Animal Guides are an extension of Spirit and Love, they willing come to serve when called upon. If you are called to receive messages from your animal guides for the year or for a particular situation, book a virtual reading by visiting the shop. 

When I called Beth, I had been really struggling with an important decision. My remote intuitive session with her was truly eye opening; it felt like she could see into my mind. It was a very moving experience overall; the cards she pulled were shockingly relevant to my predicament. I was surprised that that kind of reading was possible over the phone. Beth is a wise soul, and an insightful human. Her words are comforting and I would happily recommend her to whoever is in need of help or guidance.

-Liz O

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